Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Rachel Porter and Sarah A. Treul. “Evaluating (in)experience in congressional elections.” The American Journal of Political Science. Online Ahead of Print. [Paper] [Replication Code]

  • Rachel Porter, Sarah A. Treul, and Maura McDonald. “Changing the Dialogue: Descriptive Candidacies and Position Taking in Campaigns for the US House of Representatives.” The Journal of Politics. Online Ahead of Print. [Paper] [Replication Code]

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  • Maura McDonald, Rachel Porter, and Sarah A. Treul. 2020. “Running as a Woman?: Candidate Presentation in the 2018 Midterms” Political Research Quarterly, 73(4): 967-987 [Paper]

Working Papers

  • “Candidate Positioning & Issue Polarization in Congressional Elections” with Colin R. Case (Available Upon Request)

  • “Conceptualizing and Measuring Early Campaign Fundraising in Congressional Elections” with Colin R. Case. R&R at PSRM. [Paper]

  • “Congressional Campaign Style and Bipartisan Tendencies” with Colin R. Case and Emily Cottle Ommundsen (Available Upon Request)

  • “Estimating the Ideological Extremity of Primary Electorates” [Paper] [Supplemental Information]

  • “Intra-Party Variation on Climate Change Positions in U.S. House Elections” with Ben Francis and Bill Kakenmaster. [Paper]

  • “Policy Facts or Partisan Friction?: Explaining Political Communication on America’s Opioid Epidemic” [Paper]

  • “The Impact of Small Dollar Donations and Donors in Congressional Campaigns” with Maggie MacDonald and Megan Brown (Available Upon Request)

Book Chapters